Feminists get their kneepads

Albeit this time they are peace camp rather than presidential:

Two activists have exposed a disturbing phenomenon that they say is an open secret within the “peace camp”: female “peace” activists are routinely harassed and raped by the Arabs of Judea and Samaria with whom they have come to identify. They say the phenomenon has gotten worse lately and that many foreign women end up as wives of local Arabs against their will, but cannot escape their new homes…. Aloni-Sedovnik cites two specific cases which she has knowledge of – one is a case of rape and another is “severe sexual harassment.” The attackers in both cases, she stresses, were familiar with the victims and knew that they were “peace activists.” The rape occurred several months ago in the village of Umm Salmona, near Bethlehem. The victim, an American activist, wanted to press charges but leftist activists put pressure on her not to do so, so as not to damage the struggle against the ‘occupation.’

With feminism, as with other left-wing movements, the ideology always trumps the individual.

Erik Scott memorial blog

The father of the military veteran shot dead by Las Vegas police addresses the upcoming attempt to assassinate his son’s character:

The Clark County Coroner’s Inquest Hearing into my son’s slaying on July 10th at the Summerlin Costco store will be held in Las Vegas, NV, this week. As a one-sided, unchallenged insult to the tenets of U.S. due process, the hearing promises to be quite a show. And that’s exactly how it should be viewed: As a deadly serious TV reality show. It will be nauseating amateur theater carefully orchestrated and controlled by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and their joined-at-the-hip ally, the District Attorney’s office.

This “Coroner’s Cop-Clearing Circus” is billed as an informal “fact-finding” exercise, but facts will be in short supply. Instead, this abomination of justice has only two objectives: To destroy Erik Scott’s reputation, and to exonerate the three Metro officers who gunned down Erik in a crowd of approximately 50 people, shooting him seven times. At least five of those rounds were fired into Erik’s back, after he was on the ground, convulsing, bleeding profusely, fighting for air, and dying a painful, needless death. His heart and lungs had been destroyed by hollow-point bullets that slammed into his body at high velocity, then mushroomed, ripping his insides to shreds.

Metro officers and the DA will attempt to shift the jury’s and TV audience’s attention far away from the facts of Erik’s horrific, senseless killing. First, we’ll hear that the Costco surveillance video recordings (or the store’s “critical cameras,” if we’re to believe Sheriff Gillespie’s latest comments) were “unusable,” thanks to a mysterious hard-disk “glitch.” Don’t believe it. I don’t. Any digital security-video system deployed by a $73-billion-per-year corporation that ranks Number 25 on the Fortune 500 list will have multiple hard-disk backups onsite. Further, the video will be streamed offsite to a remote storage location. I guarantee there’s an unadulterated copy of that video somewhere, but Metro will not allow it to be seen by the family, our attorney, Ross Goodman, or Las Vegas citizens.

If those videotapes are “lost” or “destroyed”, that will constitute compelling evidence, bordering on absolute proof, that the three officers involved, one of whom has shot three people in his five years as a “law enforcement officer”, murdered Mr. Scott’s son. Lethal abuses of authority, compounded by the criminal coverup, should be punished much more harshly than ordinary first-degree murders by citizens not given badges by the state and local governments. Which reminds me, it is both ironic and pathetic that so many law enforcement officers attempt to portray their occupation as non-civilian and pseudo-military even when they are defending the murder of a real military man by their civilian brother officers.

Reading through the memorial blog, am amazed by Mr. Scott’s restraint and wish him the very best in seeking justice for his slain son. Given the apparent facts, I would find it very difficult to blame him if he instead elected to personally behead those three cops and their family members with a rusty butter knife.

In the meantime, Confederate Yankee adds to his ongoing summation of the shooting.

Review of the year

In which the OC brings to our attention another milestone in the long descent of the publishing industry into the dustbin of history.

n June 20, 2002, the United States Supreme Court decreed, in the case of Atkins v. Virginia, that the mildly mentally retarded were categorically exempt from capital punishment, reasoning that fully functional adults of diminished mental capacity were as a matter of law not as culpable for their acts. Writing eloquently in dissent, Justice Scalia drew a sharp distinction between the severely mentally retarded (who are truly not responsible for their actions), and the merely stupid (the category into which Mr. Atkins undoubtedly fell). Scalia argued forcefully that, with respect to the merely stupid, at least sometimes they deserve to be punished for their antisocial and destructive behavior.

This article, of course, is not about capital punishment. It is a book review of Dirty, Sexy Politics by Meghan McCain. However, the above discussion is relevant because I initially had reservations about writing this book review at all. After all, it is clear to everyone who has read Meghan McCain’s twitter feed, her “articles” on The Daily Beast, or her ill-fated campaign blog that Meghan is not a paragon of clear reasoning, exemplar of familiarity with facts, nor a model of English language expertise. And after subjecting myself to 194 continuous pages of her “writing,” it became clear that none of the above-described works truly plumbed the depths of mental vacuity in which Ms. McCain aimlessly and cluelessly drifts.

Even as an AWCA, I find myself lost in admiration at such a vituperative work of art. Especially since it is so well-merited.