We’re #37

The Right Wing News has named Vox Popoli the 37th best conservative blog. I appreciate that Mr. Hawkins thinks well of the blog, but I do find it to be somewhat ironic in that I am not a political conservative. But, I suppose that I am somewhat of a religious reactionary and there are a lot of conservatives who comment here, so it’s not a totally unreasonable inclusion.

VPFL Week Two

79 Blackmouth Banksters (2-0)
49 Mounds View Meerkats (0-2)

77 Winston Reverends (2-0)
54 Judean Rhyneauxs (1-1)

52 Bane Sidhe (1-1)
36 RR Redbeards (1-1)

85 Valders Quixotes (1-1)
50 MS Swamp Spartans (0-2)

76 Meigs Marauders (1-1)
49 Greenfield Grizzlies (1-1)

It is suddenly beginning to look like my much-ballyhooed first-year starting RBs are worthless. Considering that I picked them up in lieu of two keepers, this appears to have been a very poor decision.