Captain Underoos is back!

Because the lesson that the Republican leadership has taken from the growth of the Tea Party and the implosion of the Obama administration is that what the party really needs is an Obamacare neo-Democrat with good hair and granny underpants who couldn’t beat the corpse of John McCain in 2008.

Mitt Romney’s political operation raised $1.7 million from July through September, again pacing the field of prospective 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls.

The former Massachusetts governor, who lost a bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination and is widely believed to be preparing another run, has built a robust political operation including political action committees at the federal level and in five states with strategic significance in the pending battle for the Republican nomination: Iowa, New Hampshire, Alabama, South Carolina and Michigan.

Sweet Lincoln, but the Republican elite really are a determinedly self-destructive lot, aren’t they! Even moderate Democrats are howling for less government, so naturally the Republicans are trying to figure out how to put forward yet another Big Government RINO.


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