Mailvox: an unfortunate series of minor mistakes

From an anonymous mortgage broker: “There are blatant efforts by several of the giant mortgage-security selling institutions to intentionally “fail to find” the relevant loan documentation. We have seen multiple clients in September and October who either face foreclosure or had been foreclosed and WERE NOT EVEN LATE on their mortgage payments!”

After looking into these serious allegations, I have been reliably informed that these sorts of unfortunate accidents are bound to happen from time to time given how many millions of mortgages are outstanding.  I have no doubt these isolated incidents were mere clerical errors and that the bank(s) involved will be pleased to sort out any mistakes that were made as well as making all appropriate restitutionary actions that are required by the law.  Which, I hasten to note, the mortgage banks totally respect.

In completely unrelated news, I would like to announce that I recently decided to begin accepting blog advertising. The cost for a Sponsored Post begins at €1 million.

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