One year later

I had meant to post something marking the one-year anniversary of RGD’s publication last week, but got a little wrapped up in a) following the election, and b) finally finishing off Lord Bane in Puzzle Quest. Anyhow, there is something very satisfying in seeing that the book remains in such illustrious company on the Kindle’s Economic History list; it is presently #4 in Economics proper as well. On the downside, the fact that general interest in RGD appears to be higher than it was when the book first came out tends to suggest that its thesis was more or less correct and we are one year further into the Great Depression 2.0 that it predicted. I won’t deny that it gives me a sense of intellectual satisfaction to know that my conclusions appear to be on the right track, but that satisfaction is cold comfort when one proceeds to contemplate what those conclusions indicate for the economic course of the West.


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