More vibrancy in Minneapolis

Isn’t immigration wonderful! And think of all the wonderful Somali restaurants!

Twenty-nine people have been indicted in a sex trafficking ring spanning three states and allegedly run by Minneapolis-based Somali gangs. An indictment unsealed Monday in U.S. District Court in Nashville says one of the goals of the gangs was to recruit females under age 18, including some under age 14, and force them into prostitution in exchange for cash, drugs or other items. The indictment says the sex ring operated in Minneapolis, Nashville, and Columbus, Ohio.

If you are still clinging to the notion that a mere change of geographic location is sufficient to erase thousands of years of genetic and cultural influence, you are being willfully stupid. Immigration is a disaster for every country; it’s no better for the modern inhabitants of the USA than it was for the Indian tribes. It’s ridiculous to assert that the Irish, Swedish, or Italian immigrants “made America great”, as one has only to look at the historical homelands from whence they came as well as their voting records to realize that they destroyed the English concept of human liberty upon which the USA was originally founded.

The first great wave of 19th century immigration weakened America but wasn’t strong enough to kill it. The second great wave of the late 20th century finished what the first wave started, most people just haven’t realized it yet. It is ludicrous to talk of “taking America back”; the most anyone can reasonably hope for is some sort of heavily armed rump state set in Middle America that is surrounded by bankrupt, progressive, hellholes run on the Greco-Mexican model to the east, south, and west, and a progressive welfare state to the north.

The wisdom of Tucker Max

You wouldn’t imagine one could write that without irony, and yet there it is. I’ve always rather liked Tucker Max despite knowing that there is an element of, shall we say, inventive color to be found in all the satyrical shenanigans. As with Roissy, if you only pay attention to the sordid details of his controversial subject matter, you will completely miss the intelligent insights he has to offer:

Why do you think my writing is so popular? It’s honest. That’s what all the idiots who try to imitate me don’t get. It’s not about the drinking or the fucking or the crazy stories. It’s not even about the funny, as much as it’s about the honesty. No one is ever honest, but when you are, when you say the things everyone knows but won’t admit, it’s so shocking and amazing that the world can’t help but stop and look.

But here’s the thing about being honest: All the liars HATE you for it, and most of the people in the world are liars. They lie to their bosses, they lie to their families, they lie to themselves, they lie so much they don’t even know they’re lying anymore. If you have the courage to be honest–even a little bit–all those people will hate you, because your honesty reflects their lie back on them.

Oscar Wilde wasn’t kidding when he said, “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

I think the reason I like writers like Tucker, Roissy, and Jonah Goldberg, and why I tend to view them as something more or less akin to peers despite our varying levels of public visibility, is that we are all essentially doing the same thing in different areas. Of course, far fewer people are interested in economics and history than politics, much less sex and dating, but my approach to mainstream economics isn’t really all that different than Tucker’s approach to American sexual mores, Roissy’s approach to male mating rituals, or Goldberg’s approach to left-wing political ideology.

WND column

Too Soon to Tell

It was just over one year ago that WND Books published “The Return of the Great Depression.” In that book, I articulated six possible scenarios and explained which scenario I considered to be most likely. I also made a number of predictions, some of which can now be profitably analyzed to see how accurate they were. Keep in mind that at the time the book was published, the end of October 2009, the scenario which most of the mainstream economists were declaring to be in effect was the Green Shoots scenario.

ADDENDUM TO THE COLUMN: The chart above illustrates why I am dubious about Whiskey Zulu being in effect despite my cognizance of the possibility given commodity prices. I’ll go into significantly more detail about gold prices and inflation vs deflation in a future post, but the chart illustrates why we have seen so little debt-deflation to date despite the unprecedented $2.8 trillion collapse in the household and financial sectors. It would appear that Gresham’s Law applies to debt as well as coin.  In summary, we haven’t actually seen anything yet nor will we until a) the financial and household sectors start taking on new debt, or b) the government’s debt creation cannot keep pace with the declining debt of the other sectors.  I left the financial sector off in order to illustrate the comparison of the real economy’s debt with that of the government’s interventions in it, but financial debt has declined to 28.3% from a 2008 peak of 32.5%, hence the $3.4 trillion in new government debt created since the second quarter of 2008.