I has pretty feet

This may be the best NFL scandal yet. I don’t dare think about this too much or I might hurt myself from laughing… F-E-E-T, Feet, Feet, FEET!:

Just when it appeared that one of the craziest NFL seasons in NFL history could get no crazier, one of the craziest stories we can ever recall has emerged. On Tuesday, I was rendered speechless (a rare occurrence for me) when I saw the Deadspin item about the eerie similarities between the wife of Jets coach Rex Ryan and someone who previously posted a series of foot-fetish videos on YouTube.

My only regret is that it was Rex Ryan’s wife and not Deanna Favre. That would have served as the perfect capstone on #4’s career. People are so awesome, they really are. And to think some people still can’t figure out why God created Man and gave him free will.

What is the rule?

Never take a woman’s advice about women. Here is yet another example, courtesy of Jess Hart:

Spy a stunning model in a bar and thinking about trying your chances?

“Don’t,” the Sports Illustrated cover girl commands. The beautiful aren’t interested in the bold according to Hart.

“If you see me, or another model, in a bar wait until you are spoken too before you speak,” she orders.

Supermodel, super s— test. Clearing out the deltas and betas to make room for the alphas, that’s all it is. Ignore it to your benefit.