The Christmas Puppy

Because it’s just not Christmas without a Vizsla in the house.  Enjoy your Christmas Eve, everyone, and don’t forget that Santa comes quicker if you close your eyes.

I’m working on it

This is courtesy of an award-winning graphic artist with whom I have been collaborating on the map and interior art for the sequel to Summa Elvetica.  It’s not the cover, just an image that he was inspired to create as a reminder that there is a second book on the horizons for the fans of Selenoth.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a very productive year on the writing front; I ended up being very busy with some other projects that required priority and kept me too occupied to get very much done in either fiction or non-fiction terms.  Also, I’ve thrown out the planned structure at least three times now, so I wasn’t ever able to really get rolling.

But, I’ve put myself on a strict writing schedule now, so I’m determined to finish the book in 2011.  I can’t promise that it will actually be published then, since that’s somewhat outside my control, but it will be completed.  Marcus is at an important nexus and is facing a difficult decision; having turned away from the presumably brilliant clerical career that everyone was expecting of him, he now has to decide what he is going to do with his life.  As a scion of a wealthy patrician family, the world is literally at his feet, but how does he reconcile his ambitions to make a meaningful mark in life with his scholarly pursuits in an empire that stands upon the twin pillars of its unshakeable faith and its unbreakable legions?

Note: “Summa Elvetica II” is not the title.  It’s merely for reference.