A dearth of progress

Be patient, please. CoComment has gone down again and I’ve been looking at going with another solution. Unfortunately, most comment systems don’t support Classic Blogger templates of the sort I’ve been using, so this will require some experimentation. Hence the dynamic mutations. Think of it as evolution in action… if it’s too much of a pain, I’ll just go back to the old template and use Blogger comments. I’m also not sure that the added functionality is worth giving up the extra width that the old template permitted. This is already cranked up to the maximum width and still wastes a lot of screen real estate at 1920.

UPDATE: I guess not. IntenseDebate completely sucked; I correctly installed it three times in two different ways and the comments never showed up despite the fact that it said it was installed successfully. So, I suppose we’ll go with Blogger comments for now as I’m not inclined to waste more time on this. It’s a little amazing how horrific these comment systems are; it’s not rocket science, they’re dealing with known standards, and they still can’t do something as simple as get text from one place to another in a reliable manner.

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