Shut up and win your division

I hope the Seahawks’ upset of New Orleans yesterday stops all the stupid hand-wringing about seed advantages going to the division winners. Weak divisions and strong divisions are part of football and it is part of what makes the NFL season exciting. The whines of those who think that the teams with the best records should make the playoffs and be seeded in order of their record border on the moronic; they might as well do what the European soccer leagues do, throw out the playoffs altogether and crown the team with the best record the champion.

Destroying division rivalries and ensuring that even more teams are out of the mix weeks before the end of the season in favor of what can only be a childish sense of “fairness” or worse, a numerological fetish, would be ridiculous. There is nothing unfair about it and every team knew what the rules were going in. Who cares if a 7-9 team made it to the playoffs and a few 10-6 teams stayed home? If you want to be guaranteed a spot, win your damn division. Going down this route is a step towards the elimination of the divisions, the conferences, and eventually, the justification for holding a Super Bowl. I dislike the Seahawks intensely and I like Drew Brees, but I am very, very glad that the NFC West champions won their first-round game.

I never liked the expansion of the playoffs to include multiple wild cards and this call to further diminish the meaning of a division championship shows that I was correct to be suspicious of it.

The World of Doom

I’m not going to bombard the blog with videos, but since a number of you had some suggestions for improvement, here is a new one that shows off our favorite little device kicking it very old school style. I recorded the audio in Audacity rather than Camtasia and imported it this time… it worked better, I think, but I’m still having a few audio-editing issues. Anyhow, this is interesting because it shows how the keyboard can be entirely eliminated from a keyboard-only game.

By the way, does anyone know how the image that shows in the YouTube link can be selected or is it just random?

In which a prize is awarded

Olegt, a science professor who teaches physics to biology students, wins a Beezle for this prophetic gem which he assures us in no way indicates a blind faith in science:

“Scientific theories that are well established are with us to stay…. No amount of new research will change the age of the Earth from the current value of 4.54 billion years (plus or minus one percent). The age of the Universe won’t be adjusted much from 13.7 billion years.”
– olegt: 1/8/11 9:25 PM, Those brilliant butterfly collectors

Brave words indeed. I especially enjoyed the way in which the intrepid professor firmly asserted his immovable position with such confidence, then followed it with a fudge factor of 90.8 million years in parentheses. I can only conclude that he missed his true calling… he should be doing market forecasts on CNBC. Well-established scientific theories are immutable, stocks have reached a permanently high plateau, and the U.S. Navy is not going to be caught napping.