In which we are amused

Our favorite mommybloggger goes full-media whore and joins CNN. This comment – from one of her readers, no less – cracked me up.

Ms Loesch needs to work on her game… Her scattered appearances on FOX were pretty embarrassing; she may be right on the issues but came across as in over her head- and out of her league. Her posts here at BH are ok; nothing cutting edge or particularly enlightening.

Dana Loesch is pretty, but not Fox News pretty. She’s conservative, but without any intellectual foundation. And she’s stupid. This spell as the token conservative fall girl should end well… at least for those of us with sadistic streaks.

The useless Tea Party

Most of you will recall that unlike those bloggers that leaped on the bandwagon with alacrity, I have been extremely skeptical of the Tea Party from the very beginning. And, as Karl Denninger points out, the skeptics were correct:

That’s thirty-one out of forty voting for the bill (77.5%), eight voting against, and one no-vote. Despite the eight nay votes, Tea Party-backed candidates overwhelmingly supported an extension of the PATRIOT Act.

As I expected, the Tea Party is an ineffectual and ideologically incoherent joke. They don’t see the intrinsic dichotomy of claiming to support small government while simultaneously playing totalitarian world police. Yes, the movement managed to get a few people elected to office, but that’s totally irrelevant because, as we have seen every time that Republicans get elected to office, they support extending and expanding central government power. This behavior is as predictable as the phases of the Moon; it is the nature of the sort of beast who runs for office.

And despite the brave “well, we’ll just throw them out again” rhetoric that we’ll likely hear from the more principled Tea Partiers, I am confident that most of the 31 Tea Party-backed sellouts will easily win re-election with the enthusiastic support of the very people they betrayed. Notice, by the way, that it is Republicans who are pushing the Patriot Act extensions.

“Republican leaders will bring the bill back to the floor under a rule, where it will almost certainly secure the 218-vote threshold.”

As for Michelle Bachmann, I was unsurprised to see that she was one of the frauds. I remember when she was first getting started in Minnesota politics. If I recall correctly, my father was one of her contributors, but I didn’t think much of her at the time and I have seen no reason to revise my opinion since.

Be careful what you wish for

You just might get it:

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is to step down Thursday night, two sources told NBC News, as widespread protests against his 30-year rule continue to grip the country. Following an all-day meeting of the country’s supreme military council, the army said all of the protesters’ demands would be met and that a further statement was due to be made later Thursday that would clarify the situation.

NBC News reported that a high-ranking source inside the president’s office said Mubarak would step down and the newly appointed vice president, Omar Suleiman, would take over. This was then confirmed by a second source. The news came following repeated warnings by members of the regime of a military crackdown or coup.

I’m a little surprised by these reports, as it was my impression that things were dying down and Mubarak had weathered the storm. But then, he’s old, and no doubt the army realized that they were going to have to deal with the succession sooner or later. They might as well face the issue now while they can get some credit with the populace for it. It will be interesting to see if the democracy fetishists are consistent in their demands for Egyptian democracy of the sort that is denied to Americans and Europeans or if their fear of an aggressive new Islamic democracy wins out.

Back for more

In which the utter foolishness of appeasing banks seeking bailouts is again made clear:

The Republic of Ireland will have to go to the IMF/EU for another €15bn – on top of the €35bn already earmarked – to save the banking system, according to the government-appointed chairman of Anglo Irish Bank. In a bombshell revelation, Alan Dukes said we will need 40pc more, or €50bn, to properly clean up the banks. The former finance minister also sensationally suggested €75bn would be needed to fund the existing NAMA operation and a so-called ‘NAMA 2’ to take more bad loans from the banks.

All this to avoid forcing the people who own the banks from realizing their losses. Economists and governments have it precisely backwards. They aren’t saving the global economy by repeatedly bailing out the banks, they are actually killing it by foolishly feeding the debt monster right when it is on the brink of starvation.

The solution is simple. Don’t save the banking system. It’s like an oncologist trying to keep his patient alive by saving the cancer.