The pursuit of excellence

As I am working on what is now the third revision of the monetarist inflation video – I never should have started reading Rothbard’s History of Economic Thought before finishing it – it occurs to me that I am hardly the only individual in possession of esoteric information here. And it’s quite obvious that my video production skills are towards the low end of the spectrum.

What I’m interested in doing is making more Voxiversity-style videos available on a variety of subjects. So, if you have an idea for a series on anything from basic evolutionary biology to Calvinism or the impossibility of a Japanese naval invasion in 1941, let me know and we can discuss it via email. I’ll review each completed video before it will be added to the YouTube channel; there has to be some amount of quality control and you should probably plan for at least two rounds of criticism and refinement until you’ve got a good handle on what’s expected.

I don’t know if anyone will be interested or not. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing regardless, but if anyone has anything worthwhile to add, it would be welcome.

The perils of diversity

Steve Sailer reviews Byron Roth’s book on immigration:

Roth reviews the social science in tremendous detail (The Perils of Diversity includes 993 footnotes and a 35-page bibliography). He concludes of both the multiculturalists and the assimilationists:

“What is disturbing is that these positions are taken as self-evident by their advocates who seem uninterested in serious theoretical and empirical evidence … They certainly have not consulted the social sciences for, if they did, they would soon discover that the evidence for both the multiculturalist and the assimilationist positions is either nonexistent or contradictory.”

The problems with multiculturalism are readily apparent. So, how is that assimilation working out across the West? Not so well, on either an empirical or anecdotal level.

Joy Small, 24, was found dead in her home along with her three-year-old son Aubarr and daughter Chanarra, two, on Saturday afternoon. It is not yet known how they died, but it is thought police went to the flat after discovering the body of Miss Small’s husband, Aram Aziz, 32, in a country park the day before.

History strongly suggests that if you don’t want to live in barbarism, don’t permit barbarians to cross the borders. The fact is that civilization doesn’t tame barbarians, barbarians destroy civilization. The situation can still be resolved relatively peacefully through mass deportations, but if it isn’t – and it seems highly unlikely at the moment that it will be – then there is no question it will be resolved in a more chaotic manner with a much more uncertain outcome.

The diversiphiles can affect as much shock and horror as they like, but that’s not going to change the fact that either the civilized world will either excise the barbarian immigrants or collapse into barbarism. Since even the most enthusiastic multiculturalists and assimilationists show no desire to move to Mexico, Tunisia, or Iraq, there is no doubt that they will all eventually come to accept this reality. The only question is if enough of them will do so before it is too late.

WND column

Tea Party Traitors

Unlike many right-wing commentators, I did not endorse the tea-party movement when it erupted. Nor, like a few unusually shameless media whores, did I rush to leap in front of the parade and claim that I was leading it. I did not even think of doing either because I concluded from the start that the tea party is a useless and incoherent political mirage that is unlikely to accomplish anything of substance. It is not elections but the subsequent actions of the officials elected that matter.