The WSJ buries Captain Underoos

It would appear Mitt Romney is no longer favored by the Republican elders:

As everyone knows, the health reform Mr. Romney passed in 2006 as Massachusetts Governor was the prototype for President Obama’s version and gave national health care a huge political boost. Mr. Romney now claims ObamaCare should be repealed, but his failure to explain his own role or admit any errors suggests serious flaws both in his candidacy and as a potential President.

There’s a lot to learn from the failure of the ObamaCare model that began in Massachusetts, which is now moving to impose price controls on all hospitals, doctors and other providers. Not that anyone would know listening to Mr. Romney. In the paperback edition of his campaign book “No Apology,” he calls the plan a “success,” and he has defended it in numerous media appearances as he plans his White House run.

It seems Daniels is the flavor du jour, seasoned with some light amusement to be provided by retreads Gingrich and Giuliani. Romney couldn’t have won the nomination anyhow, as his Mormonism trumps his height and executive hair, but the Massachusetts Romneycare debacle renders him a complete non-starter.

Police murder a Marine

As usual, the police story is mutating in real-time as they attempt to concoct a rationale to defend firing 71 shots at a Marine who didn’t know they were police and didn’t fire a shot at them in the midst of a “shootout” at his home.

Deputies serving a search warrant on Tucson’s south side shot and killed a 26-year-old man Tuesday morning after he fired a rifle at them, officials said. At about 9:30 a.m. the Pima County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team arrived at the residence in the 7100 block of South Redwater Drive, said Deputy Jason Ogan, a Pima County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

Jose Guerena was inside with his wife and their 4-year-old son when he fired at deputies, who had entered the home, Ogan said. It was unknown if the woman and child were in the same room as Guerena. Guerena fired his AR-15 rifle at the deputies who were holding up shields, Ogan said. Deputies fired back, killing Guerena, Ogan said.

Wait a minute… it turns out there wasn’t actually a shootout.

“What they (SWAT members) did see clearly is this guy went into a crouching position, almost on his knees, brought up an AR-15 assault rifle, pointed at the officers and said, ‘I’ve got something for you,’ O’Connor said, referencing Guerena’s alleged remarks to the SWAT members.

“At that point, officers immediately began firing on him.”

O’Connor said 72 rounds were fired by officers in just a matter of seconds. Guerena was killed almost instantly, even though he never fired a single shot. We’re told he did have a round in the chamber, but his gun was still in the safety position.”

I think I would have found the police story more credible if they claimed Guerena had said “say hello to my little friend” or “take this, ya dirty rats”. It’s never hard to tell when police are inventing details, because they inevitably concoct dialogue that sounds like an outdated B movie. What trained military man is going to a) not remove the safety, and b) announce his presence prior to firing, if he is outnumbered and intending to engage in combat?

Since the justice system is totally unwilling to hold these out-of-control SWAT teams accountable for their crimes or force them to stop these para-military armed home invasions, it’s time for the armed civilians of America to make one thing very clear to the police of America: if the police will not show due respect for the lives, homes, and families of American citizens, Americans will no longer respect theirs. I suspect the police will suddenly find the ability to avoid “accidentally” killing people by the first time an entire cop family is wiped out by a vengeful relative of a police victim.

The lesson of history is that violence usually provokes reactive violence. The police should be as concerned as anyone about the direction that their relations with the citizenry have been headed for the last 25 years.