Why Game interests me

The Responsible Puppet puts forth eleven reasons:

Top Eleven Possible Reasons Why Vox Day Likes Talking About Game

1. Maybe after the rigor and math and Statistics and consistency and evidence required with his posts about the economy, debt, football and atheism – it’s nice to kick back* and not worry about that stuff.

2. It’s fun to be a role model. Every Game post makes him a hero for every guy who’s ever been hurt or turned down by a woman . . or made to look like an idiot by one.

3. Let’s face it. It’s a great way to stick it to the Woman, if that’s your thing.

4. Game comes in with a built-in instant defense. Does someone disagree with you? Call them a white knight, a snowflake or a Gamma***. Argument over!

5. Everyone wants to think they’ve chosen wisely when they got married. Perhaps Game helps him believe he’s got pretty much the only decent lady** out there. Or as he describes it, “A diamond among lumps of coal”.

I think he omitted a few obvious possibilities.

12. Vox and Spacebunny have embraced polygamy and he is working on obtaining his second and third wives.

13. Vox and Spacebunny have an open marriage and Vox is simply polishing his moves.

14. Vox hates Gammas and this is his way of torturing them.

15. Vox hates women and this is his way of torturing them.

16. Spacebunny doesn’t exist and Vox is a hapless Gamma attempting to learn enough Game to actually get a date.

Alpha Mail: alpha watching

In which a woman interprets her friends’ fascinated reaction to a young buffoon:

Jill: Still bragging! This guy is out of control and he can’t swim for shit though he is totally talking like he can. His buddies were laughing at him behind his back. Its ok, a girls swim team just showed up, all business. They make him look like the chump he is. Girl power! Haha. I think he just joined the army, lmao, no wonder John is getting out, I would too after I saw this jackass joining.

Kari: Love the Douche Bags they let in! And most likely he’s an officer lmao!

Me: A kid with that kind of confidence will land himself a hottie.

As an added bonus, Susan notes how female hypergamy shapes modern film and fiction and confirms its trans-cultural nature in addition to sharing her thoughts on the USC rooftop sex scandal, complete with a video of a hilariously futile attempt by two women to somehow shame Tucker Max. Tucker’s effortless domination of the two women is an object lesson in Displaying High Value; note how they get increasingly bitchy, but submissive as the “debate” continues.

Behind the tests

In which Susan Walsh explains the female rationale behind s-tests:

Dream Puppy got exactly what she wanted in that exchange, which was to know that her husband could stand up to her emotions. She felt comforted, even relieved when he thwarted her attempt at control.

It’s a tremendously informative post. I would merely add one caveat and note that it is most, but not all, female histrionics are designed to test your masculine stoicism. In the event the woman concerned is legitimately psychologically fragile, it is important to learn to distinguish between normal dramatic posturings and when she is genuinely in the process of going off the deep end. If there is sufficient craziness indicating a clear and imminent threat to herself or others, even the alphiest alpha should feel free to not assume she is bluffing.

Yemen and the art of dream-crushing

Here is a Game maxim which some may regard as controversial, although it really isn’t. Men who want a strong and lasting long-term relationship should crush a woman’s dreams without hesitation, if those dreams are not entirely consistent with her primary role as a wife and mother.

Also at Alpha Game, a lightbulb goes off in the mind of the resident Omega regarding his fear of approaching women. Thinking further about the subject of fear I had an insight. I began to ask myself why I was afraid. I started looking for the source of the fear, going beyond facing it and rather trying to understand it. What I found was that I am not afraid of girls. If I was I would not be able to go out in public. Really, why would I, a 6’2″ guy be afraid of a tiny 5′ girl? Nor am I afraid of conversation with a stranger. While I prefer my own company, having a pleasant chat with someone is not that difficult. What, then, makes me nervous when I approach?

RM contemplates how much of his desire to wait until marriage was the legitimate Biblical teaching versus Churchian custom and his own mask of delta. When I was a younger delta, I believed I had strong convictions about waiting for marriage for sexual intimacy. This was the result of my many years of churchianity morality training. Some of it was Biblically correct… other parts not so much. What I have come to understand is that this was more than a belief, it was a convenient mask for my delta ways.

And finally, the first Alpha Mail post.

Fear and the dead dragons

Alpha Game’s intrepid omega is bold enough to tell the tale of how he attacks his fear of approaching women:

The biggest obstacle to success with women, or success in anything, is fear. The first time I cold-approached a girl it took me three hours to actually talk to her. When I finally did approach, I was a mess: my hands were shaking, my face was hot, my palms were sweaty, and when I spoke I sounded like a lost lamb my voice was shaking so much.

And on the other end of the spectrum, Nate does his best to belie my assertion that alphas have little to contribute to Alpha Game apart from idiotic braggadacio:

An insightful blogger here pointed out that the alpha ego, enormous as it is, is based in reality. The alpha’s positive self-image and confidence are the direct result of what? It comes from success. But success at what?

I have to say, I am suddenly beginning to feel a rather delightful sense of superflousness. Of course, being a well-paid professional not-writer, I see no reason why I should not succeed in becoming a hugely popular not-blogger as well.

Game is the antidote

An addendum to a basic Game maxim: If a man is writing as the token male at a female-oriented publication, his advice regarding male behavior should be considered even less legitimate than female advice.

Game is the antidote to the societal poison that is feminism.

Developing sigma

Although it would not be unreasonable to suspect me of snowflaking in developing the concept of the sigma, this was not the case. Its development came about as a direct result of the observation that there was a significant distinction between the attributes and behavior of Roissy’s sexual alpha and the socially dominant alpha male, and it was the contemplation of the various distinctions and similarities involved that inspired me to come up with the concept of a socio-sexual hierarchy.

Not all women are like that

As per my comment yesterday, I’m pleased to announce that Susan Walsh, the intrepid hostess of Hooking Up Smart, is one of the contributors to Alpha Game.  As with all rules, the maxim of never listening to what a woman says about what women want has its exceptions, and Susan’s insights on male-female relations are always worth taking into account.  She kicked things off with an excellent inaugural post at Alpha Game today:

From Urban Dictionary:  NAWALT: acronym for ‘not all women are like that.’

Repeated endlessly by women to men in hopes that if men hear NAWALT frequently enough, they’ll believe it.  The reality is that all women ARE like that (manipulative, abusive, sociopathic, destructive, drama-oriented, liars).

The acronym NAWALT has its origin in the belief that women as a collective are complicit in the implementation of injustices against men during the last 40 years. As you can see from the more commonly used meaning above, it’s come to signify the degenerate nature of all women, on all fronts.

The fact is that all women are not created equal any more than men are, and all women don’t behave indentically any more than alphas behave like omegas. This doesn’t render the insights of Game any less legitimate, it merely means that the application of those insights needs to be more intelligent and judicious than some of the more xtreme literalists at the Chateau tend to believe.

Of sets and subsets

In which I explain the difference between a sexual hierarchy and a socio-sexual one:

There appears to be an amount of confusion relating to the difference between Roissy’s binary hierarchy and my more graduated hierarchy. However, it’s not difficult to distinguish between the two hierarchies, nor is there any contradiction between them. Roissy’s hierarchy is solely sexual in nature, whereas mine is socio-sexual. Therefore, his two categories are supersets of my seven categories.

I was a little surprised to learn that it was necessary to spell this out, as it isn’t hard to observe and it is a natural consequence of the connection between social status and sexual options. It’s hardly rocket science. But as you muse over the matter, keep in mind that snowflaking is no means of assessing the validity of anything, much less categories that encompass hundreds of millions of people.

Today also featured the first-ever guest post at Alpha Game, a piece on economic signaling theory contributed by Le Cygne Gris. I’m not at all averse to guest posts, just keep in mind that they should be longer than the average post and concern things that the regular contributors are unlikely to cover.

And finally, I’m pleased to announce a popular Game blogger will be contributing to Alpha Game on a regular basis.

The programmed mind

A further glimpse into the programmed mind of the gamma:

The fascinating thing about the gamma mindset is the way in which it causes the gamma to stubbornly cling to his preconceptions in the face of his own observations. There are several clear gamma signs on display here. The first is the extreme level of the interior white-knighting. While deltas and to a lesser extent betas are also prone to placing women on pedestals and acting as their rescuers and champions, only the gamma is going to fantasize about killing another man for nothing more than the crime of being mildly impolite to his own girlfriend. The gamma doesn’t even know this girl, he has just met her, and he’s already dreaming of challenging his own cousin to a duel over her nonexistent honor.

The obvious question is this. Is the gamma mindset the result of internal or external programming? I strongly suspect the latter, as I can recall finding it difficult to reconcile the differences between what I was being told about male-female relations and what I was observing at a very young age. Regardless, NiceGuy once more provides us with a clear and razor-sharp microscope into the thought processes of the gamma.

Meanwhile, one of Alpha Game’s resident deltas describes an interesting method for systematically hunting down and eradicating his own delta instincts.