More sex, less age

It is science:

Put more sex in your life: It slows aging. A Scottish study found that thrice-weekly action stripped at least four years off participants’ faces, and getting busy even boosts immunity and reduces heart disease

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that who you are having sex with also matters. I don’t think thrice-weekly gay sex with a Haitian drug addict is going to slow aging, except perhaps in the sense that one actually isn’t getting any older.

You must zell!

When did it become a federal law that you must sell houses to black people?

In this tough real estate market, you would think that agents would be itching to sell their properties to anyone with money in hand. But a Chicago couple, their agent, and their broker are accused of some nasty discrimination that goes beyond being overly particular. Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia have been charged with refusing to sell a Bridgeport home to a Black couple because of their race, reports Chicago Breaking News.

Just in case you weren’t entirely sure that the civil rights movement killed the U.S. Constitution and the right of free association it contained, this prosecution should serve as sufficient evidence. In a free society, it’s not your business, my business, or the government’s business why someone chooses to sell or not sell anything to anyone. I’d like to see HUD go whole hog on this and declare that in the interest of expanding black homeownership, all purchase offers made by black individuals must be accepted at any price. Whether the home is listed for sale or not. Now that the principle of the free market in housing has been abandoned, there’s no reason not to set the parameters wherever the HUD bureaucrats happen to think best at the moment.

They’ll get what they deserve

Connecticut Republicans reject Peter Schiff in favor of Vince McMahon’s daughterwife.

In the Nutmeg State Linda McMahon (48%) handily beat former Congressman Rob Simmons (29%) and financier Peter Schiff (22%). In November she’ll face non-Vietnam Vet and AG Dick Blumenthal in a poltical steel cage match.

Most republican voters have clearly learned nothing, those commentators waxing enthusiastic about the tea party notwithstanding. This is much like choosing John McCain over Ron Paul, only we are now two years into the Great Depression 2.0. I am skeptical that a spendthrift entertainment mogul is going to do anything if she gets to Washington but borrow and spend.