Alpha Mail: alpha watching

In which a woman interprets her friends’ fascinated reaction to a young buffoon:

Jill: Still bragging! This guy is out of control and he can’t swim for shit though he is totally talking like he can. His buddies were laughing at him behind his back. Its ok, a girls swim team just showed up, all business. They make him look like the chump he is. Girl power! Haha. I think he just joined the army, lmao, no wonder John is getting out, I would too after I saw this jackass joining.

Kari: Love the Douche Bags they let in! And most likely he’s an officer lmao!

Me: A kid with that kind of confidence will land himself a hottie.

As an added bonus, Susan notes how female hypergamy shapes modern film and fiction and confirms its trans-cultural nature in addition to sharing her thoughts on the USC rooftop sex scandal, complete with a video of a hilariously futile attempt by two women to somehow shame Tucker Max. Tucker’s effortless domination of the two women is an object lesson in Displaying High Value; note how they get increasingly bitchy, but submissive as the “debate” continues.

Obama is not eligible

It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama is not eligible to hold the office he is presently usurping. This nominal debate between two San Diego columnists clearly demonstrates that the pro-Obama side has no defense for its position that Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore Constitutionally eligible for the presidency other than snark and nonsensical appeals to conspiracy theory. The claim that doubts about Obama’s eligibility might lead to another Holocaust even though the writer can’t figure out how that might come to pass is particularly noteworthy.

Question 2) Where is the controversy today?

WL: With the failure of the courts to allow any examination of the merits based upon forensicly obtained evidence, birthers have turned to various other ancillary investigative venues to obtain disclosure.

Recent documents substantiate that Obama only attended Columbia University for 9 months in 1982-1983, contrary to official accounts.
FOIA and other requests have been submitted to the State Department for passport and travel records.
The Selective Service and Social Security Administrations have been asked for documentation regarding Obama’s Connecticut-based social security number 042-68-4425.
Investigators have traced the number prior to Obama’s [ending in 4424] to Newington, Conn. resident Thomas Wood, deceased at age 19.
To date no government agency can explain how Obama obtained the Connecticut number when at no point in his child or early adult years was he a resident of the state.
Investigations continue into Hawaiian infant-death records for sequential relationships with Obama’s COLB record number 151 01961 010641.
The Nordyke twins have made public their long-form certificates with numbers ending in 37 and 38.
There are several infant-death candidates that may have had birth certificate numbers issued during the August 1961 time frame. These efforts hope to yield more information now kept from the public.

DE: Today, birtherism is a matter of right wing political convenience. Besides the fact that the birther thing is one big ridiculous distraction from all the actual and very real problems currently facing our country and our world, it is useful for politicians as a dogwhistle. It isn’t 100% politically correct or fashionable to call someone a dirty stinking UnAmerican brown shit stain who hates Jesus and apple pie. That kind of talk is simply not allowed, but it’s possible to allude to that kind of thing. It’s very easy to thanks to the f**kwitted, evidence-free birther conspiracy theory. That’s why it’s beneficial for Donald Trump, a man who has got to be smarter than he looks, to imply that – golly gee willickers, guys, you know, hyuck, I just don’t know if Obama is an American or not since nobody from his childhood remembers him at all – excepting of course, for his kindergarten teachers.

In summary, while it is still possible that Obama is Constitutionally eligible, you have to be an ignorant fool to believe that he has offered any conclusive evidence on his own behalf. And when one considers all the actual evidence that has been amassed along with the mass of information being hidden from the public, the logical conclusion is that there is something very unusual about the man that likely goes well beyond his probable lack of Constitutional eligibility.

Whatever the truth turns out to be, one thing is perfectly clear. The man is a fraud from start to finish and will be a strong candidate for the most inept president in U.S. history. I will be extremely surprised if he can manage to obtain the Democratic nomination next year, much less the election.

A verdict on TARP

Pronounced by a TARP executive:

[T]he country was assured that regulatory reform would address the threat to our financial system posed by large banks that have become effectively guaranteed by the government no matter how reckless their behavior. This promise also appears likely to go unfulfilled. The biggest banks are 20 percent larger than they were before the crisis and control a larger part of our economy than ever. They reasonably assume that the government will rescue them again, if necessary. Indeed, credit rating agencies incorporate future government bailouts into their assessments of the largest banks, exaggerating market distortions that provide them with an unfair advantage over smaller institutions, which continue to struggle.

Worse, Treasury apparently has chosen to ignore rather than support real efforts at reform, such as those advocated by Sheila Bair, the chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, to simplify or shrink the most complex financial institutions. In the final analysis, it has been Treasury’s broken promises that have turned TARP — which was instrumental in saving the financial system at a relatively modest cost to taxpayers — into a program commonly viewed as little more than a giveaway to Wall Street executives.

Commonly viewed? A giveaway is all it ever was. Of course the banks were “saved” by it, the buggy whip industry could have been saved by having sufficient government billions funneled into it too. The problem is that because nothing of any significance has been changed, the financial meltdown of 2008 will be repeated and sooner than any of the mainstream economists believe possible.

As housing prices continue to fall – which you may recall I correctly anticipated at the beginning of the year – there will be an ever-increasing divergence between what the banks have on their books and the actual value of those assets. The fiction cannot be maintained indefinitely, but it is impossible to know what will be the spark that will set the gasoline-soaked wooden wreckage of the financial system alight.

But it is incorrect to say that the banking bailout went wrong. The banking bailout was wrong from the start.